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Copenhagen in nuances

Duration: 2-9 hours (depending on mode and route)
Mode: walk and/or in public or private transport.
Days: Monday through Sunday.

The original tour “The best of beautiful Copenhagen and more” can be reduced from 6 to 3 hours using a private vehicle.

The original tour could be extended to a walk of 6 to 7 hours to visit to the Church of Our Lady, the first building of the University of Copenhagen, and the Round Tower, the oldest observatory in Nordic Europe still in operation.

Other options and nuances for the original tour are the following:

Denmark and its famous people

Did you know that Denmark is the number one country in the world in terms of Nobel Prize winners per capita? It should be pertinent to do a walking tour about the lives of the brightest people of the country, whether or not they have won the Nobel Prize. You will be surprised if not captivated by some interesting and incredible stories about them.

Shopping in Copenhagen

Danish design has always stood out. Why, you ask? It is distinguished for combining functionality with aesthetic. If you buy a Danish design item, rest assured that it will fulfill its function, and make you feel stylish and trendy. In fact, Danish design has achieved to mark global trends. Did you for example know that Pandora, the famous jewelry company, is Danish?

Copenhagen offers a bit of everything: you can find anything from organic cosmetics to toys, pipes and lamps; there is a large variety of clothing stores, as well as furniture stores with unique designs, silverware and porcelain. You will be surprised by the gourmet delicacies such as exquisite cheeses and delicious Viking wine. Copenhagen offers a spectrum of items that will fill up your life with welfare and beauty. We will help you find the best stores according to what interests you the most.

Savouring the Nordic delicacies

Danes are very demanding when it comes to the quality and the flavour of what they put in their mouths. It is not in vain that a Copenhagen restaurant has been repeatedly listed as the best in the world, and that other restaurants have won international prizes. Likewise, it is appropriate to highlight that Denmark, despite being such a small country, is one of the mayor exporters of gourmet foods in the world. If you enjoy gastronomic tourism, we would organise a lunch or dinner with typical Danish or Nordic food as well as design a tour to savour the principal hors d’euvres of the country.

World War II and the Jews in Denmark

Did you know the majority of Jews living in Denmark managed to save themselves from the Nazi persecution during World War II? Very few ended up in concentration camps and even amongst them, the majority survived. How was this possible? In this tour, we will visit the most important places in relation to this period and we will tell you all the details.

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