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Copenhagen: Historical centre and Rosenborg Castle

Duration: 4-6 hours.
Mode: walk.
Days: Monday through Sunday (visits inside the Cathedral and the Castle do not always apply).
This tour can be combined with others.

Together we will pick our meeting point.

During this tour, we will enjoy a walk through the cosy historical centre of the capital, including more modern areas of the city, and we will end the tour with a visit to Rosenborg, the castle of roses. In the castle, you will get to admire the crown jewels, royal art collections, articles belonging to the nobles and to the aristocracy while learning about the interesting Danish history. This way, you will get to imagine how Danish kings and queens lived. Tours to the castle are quite popular amongst both tourists and locals.

It will be possible to see Tivoli, the amusement park that inspired the creation of Disneyland in California. Afterwards, we will go the Town Hall Square and see its characteristic grand tower. We will walk down Strøget, one of the longest pedestrian streets of the world and from there, continue to the Latin Quarter and visit the Cathedral, see the first building of the University of Copenhagen and hear the stories of various prominent men. We will also reach the Round Tower, the most antique astronomic observatory in Northern countries and which still functions today. If you wish to do so, you can go inside, climb to the top and see the breath-taking view. Carrying on, we will see Rosenborg and before entering, admire the beautiful royal gardens, equally visited and admired by tourists and locals.

The tour will terminate after visiting Rosenborg. Additionally, we can point you to some of the interesting sites that are in the vicinity, such as the National Art Museum that houses both Danish and foreign art, the Botanical Garden of the city that has lovely areas, dazzling flowers and plants that are able to survive the global climate change and lastly, Torvehallerne, the very well-visited market which we could accompany you to. In this small market, you will find products and foods that you cannot get any other place and many of them are organic, too. This place is ideal for learning about Danish and Scandinavian gastronomy! A desired place to eat lunch or dinner because you can enjoy exquisite foods from all around Denmark.

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Home » TOURS » Copenhagen and Rosenborg