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Millennial Lund

Duration: 2-9 hours.
Mode: walk, public or private transport.
Days: Monday through Sunday (Kulturen is not open on Mondays)
Options: visit inside the Kulturen museum; visit to Ideon; break for snacks; walk in Dragør (Denmark); tour of Malmo; lunch in Lund or Malmo.
Note: If you are staying in Copenhagen, the round trip by private transport takes two hours.

This tour can be combined with others.

We will begin our walk by seeing the inside of St. Laurenti’s Cathedral, also known as Lund Cathedral, characterised by its Romanesque style. Here, amongst other tourist attractions, we will admire an astronomic clock from the 15th century, still in operation, and the House of Pilgrimage. Later, we will go towards Lundsgaard (where the archbishop and his helpers used to live), where the first building of the University of Lund and the historic museum of the city can be found.

After, we will go to Kulturen, the world’s second oldest open-air museum. It illustrates the history of Scania and its surroundings in such an exceptional manner with more than 30 constructions dating back to the 1600s. You will get details you would not even have imagined. Continuing, we will go to the botanical garden, which has been modelled after Carl von Linné’s studies, predecessor of Charles Darwin. We will return by walking toward the city centre by the picturesque, zigzagging streets from where houses erected centuries ago are still well-preserved. Finally, we will go to the Main Square and Mårtentorget Square.

If you choose to take the tour in private transport, it will be possible to visit the Ideon Science Park of inventions and tell you about one revolutionary invention, amongst others, which in the future shall reproduce any type of material, including biological tissues and organs.

This tours can be extended to include a tour of Malmo. In Lund, the entrance to Kulturen museum is optional. If you would like, lunch or a few snacks can be arranged in one of the cities. If you are staying in Copenhagen, please note that the tour will take approximately two hours longer due to travelling back and forth.

Another option is to combine this tour with others such as a visit to Dragør, a captivating city in Demark.

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