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The castles of Nothern Zealand

Duration: 4-10 hours, depending on what you want to see.
Mode: public or private transport, and walk.
When using private transport, we leave Copenhagen and follow the coastline to discover the Danish Riviera.
Days: Monday through Sunday (at certain periods, the Karen Blixen museum does not open on Mondays).
Addition: Museum of Karen Blixen or the Contemporary Art Museum Louisiana
Options: lunch or dinner close-by one of the castles; break for coffee or soda.
This tour can be combined with others.

f you want to completely dive into the history of Denmark and enjoy landscapes, gardens and grand parlours, we recommend you visit the following castles:

Frederiksborg Castle

Dated back to the 16th century, this castle was built on an island and was the first Danish castle to be primarily constructed for recreational purposes. Here is where grand hunts with bloodhounds for the joy of the kings and their courts were organised. It served as accommodation for the finest nobles and the most prominent people of the time as well. This renaissance castle situated in the middle of the forest functions today as the National Museum of History and houses the largest collection of portraits in the country. We will see the halls and tell you about Danish history, anecdotes and the customs of the time in a very entertaining manner. We will also see its outdoor spaces, the dazzling baroque garden and its waterfalls.

Fredensborg Palace

If we translated the name of this palace, it would be “the Palace of Peace”. It is one of our Queen’s favourite palaces, especially during the summertime. It has been selected for various royal parties throughout history and was the initial residency for our current Crown Prince and his wife. We will walk around the palace; we will go to the baroque park that resembles a large outdoor parlour and has sculptures from Norse Mythology. In the valley of sculptures, we shall admire 77 figures of Nordic men, the Faroe Islands and Iceland that have been sculpted on three levels.

Kronborg Castle

Its beginnings date back to the 15th century and through all the years it has been amplified and reconstructed. It is the home of Hamlet, the main character of one of the most popular literary tragedies of the world, written by the famous William Shakespeare. If the visit takes place during summer, it will be possible to see short presentations of the play in its halls. Outside, we will admire the fortress, the canons and the tower from where we will witness the unparalleled view of the city of Elsinor. Elsinor was in its prime one of the most important and prosperous harbours of Denmark and Northern Europe. For those who do not mind the dark and irregular terrain, it is possible to go see the casemates of the castle that without a doubt hold a series of fascinating stories.


We suggest that literature and/or contemporary art lovers visit one or two of the above castles in order to have time to visit the Museum of Karen Blixen or the Contemporary Art Museum Louisiana. Karen Blixen was a Danish writer that is famous internationally especially for her literary works that have been cinematised: Out of Africa and Babette’s Feast. Louisiana, the Contemporary Art Museum, is considered to be one of 1000 places in the world to visit before dying. There, you will find a mixture of art, beautiful landscapes, wonderful architecture and delicious food.

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