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Walking tour in Aarhus

Duration: 5-9 hours.
Mode: Walk.
Days: Monday through Sunday (visits inside the museums do not always apply).
Options: visit inside the Aros Museum; visit inside the Gamle By; lunch or dinner in a place of your choosing.

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark but it is not left behind when it comes to importance or touristic interest. You will find the attractions of a big city: culture, commerce, history, Viking heritage, pulsating nightlife but also quiet corners and excellent gastronomy. The perfect combination for all tastes, necessities and ages!

We recommend starting the walking tour at the Central Station. From the station we will go to Ryesgade, the principal street of the city and part of the pedestrian street with great variety of bars, restaurants and shops. We will pass by the Catholic Church of Our Lady towards the idyllic Åboulevard, creek of the city with bars and cafés by its sides that are very popular primarily amongst young university students. This is without a doubt a great place for dining if you want to feel the spirit of Aarhus and enjoy the beautiful view of the creek.

Very close-by lies the Church of Our Lady, a protestant church, which we can appreciate and photograph when walking towards the Latin Quarter. The Latin Quarter is the most antique part of the city. There, we can find houses dating back to the 16th century. This quarter is also filled with a very rich cultural life; there is live music, studios, galleries and workshops, dance schools and events taking place in the streets that might include small circus-like acts.

We will walk towards the Museum of Vikings where we will tell you the secrets and the consequences of this very important period in the history of Denmark and Scandinavia. Later, we will pass by the theatre of the city and go to the enchanting Møllestien: a street in the city centre that has been converted to one of the reference points in Aarhus along with one of the most visited places. It is characterised by its small houses and cobblestone pavement. Afterwards, we will continue to the impressive and popular Museum of Arts: ARoS.

Finally, we shall end the tour with a visit to the open-air museum: Den Gamle By, meaning the Old City. It is very attractive amongst both locals and tourists and gathers 75 building that have been moved stone by stone from all over Denmark. It shows us the life of the Danish people from 1550 to 1800 with houses, workshops, post offices, gardens and streets – although it also has a section that has been made according to the 20th century. Every installation permits to visit the interior and experience various periods of time by tasting foods and sweets, dancing one of the typical dances, getting on a carousel and even sending a postcard with the antique stamps.

If you wish to do so, we can enter ARoS and/or the Old City as well as have lunch or dinner at a place of your choosing.

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